For Politics Sake is about the business of politics.  We put out information on what we believe are the motivating political factors affecting legislative decisions and provide insight into why term limits for Congressmen/women is the primary change that has to happen to put this country back on the right track. We also need to have an objective press to ensure that both sides of the political aisle remain honest and accountable.





Spread the Wealth the Washington Way

The funneling of taxpayer money by politicians to their friends and campaign contributors has experienced a breathtaking increase in recent years due to an annual federal outlay that has exploded to over $3 trillion dollars.



NEA and The Poison Apple

Unions are at the center of any attempts for
education reform.  They are against a parent's
desire  to make those who educate their children
be accountable for what they teach and how they
teach it.  


Politics of ThugsThe Latest Scores Just In:  

Thuggery 10;

The Susan B. Komen Foundation 0

For those naive enough to believe that "women's health" was the real issue behind the sudden reversal of the decision to fund Planned Parenthood by the Susan Komen Foundation, a review may be order....


The GOP Gets It Wrong....


The Republican leadership managed to field

 a slate of candidates that is flawed and weak in an election year that matters more than at any other time in our history.....