The NEA and The Poison Apple

Unions are at the center of any attempts for education reform. They are against a parent's desire to make those who educate their children be accountable for what they teach and how they teach it. As the NEA sees it, their job is to protect their members regardless of performance. Current NEA mandates make firing a teacher for even criminal charges, very difficult and the paperwork onerous, to assure that the vast majority of poor teachers keep their jobs and continue to provide sub-standard education to their pupils. This subverts the right of pupils and parents to the rights of teachers. They also keep their toadies in Congress in line with exorbitant campaign contributions if they stand against charter schools. It is impossible to be for education but against charter schools, if the quality of education is the goal. The NEA has made it clear that only union members be allowed to provide whatever quality of education the teacher feels like providing without any regard for end product.

They use scare tactics to their members that they would be fired without cause if the union were not there to protect them. It should be concerning to anyone with any knowledge of federal laws (like the EEOC) that already give them protection from indiscriminate job loss. The fact that teachers don't understand how the government works and have some knowledge of federal protections actually makes a case for why accountability standards are sorely needed.

At the university level, professors are not only protected from job loss, regardless of performance, but have the say in how the university is run. This is like letting the inmates run the prison. Any change in status quo or accountability standards, are almost impossible at the university level. Take the case of the University of Florida when professors forced the school to return a substantial donation from the Koch Foundation to fund a business school. Any attempt to provide students Read more

The Latest Scores: Thuggery 10, Susan B. Komen Foundation 0

For those naive enough to believe that "women's health" was the real issue behind the sudden reversal of the decision to defund Planned Parenthood by the Susan B. Komen Foundation, a review may be order.
On any level the decision to defund Planned Parenthood was poorly thought out by the organization. It should have been anticipated that an organization that went against the Democrat agenda would be viciously attacked by the Left. We have seen this over and over again whether it is the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, the Catholic Church being told they must fund abortions, union representatives showing up outside the private homes of AIG executives, the Boeing plant in S.C., card check, the carbon tax attempt, or EPA overreach. No discourse, no prisoners, their way or the highway, by any means necessary .
The fact remains, however, that Democrats in Congress and their community organizers in Planned Parenthood, quickly rallied to stop the defunding of an organization that carries water for the Left's agenda. Of course, they have the right to demonstrate and speak their mind under freedom of speech in this country but freedom of speech does not mean that politicians, their allies, or the press have the right to intimidate private organizations. The difference between freedom of speech and intimidation has been blurred by the media, the judicial system, and politicians in this country of late.
But then, who would have thought that, in America, we would be having campaign election platforms based on Marxist principles of "redistribution of wealth" three years ago. Who would have believed that our government would attempt to tell a private company where they could or could not build a manufacturing plant. Who would have thought three years ago that the government would interfere with religious principles and Read more

The GOP Race for 2016

The current GOP elite, in a stunning display of self-fulfilling prophecy, fielded the B team this election cycle. They have an energized base, the ability to attract greater corporate contributions than at any time in the recent past, and a weakened President, yet somewhere in the ivory tower, the decision was made to lose in 2012 to win in 2016. The GOP did not expect to win the House in 2010 and even after that landslide victory, did not believe they could defeat Obama in 2012. Not wanting to risk the "A" Team, they supported the man who couldn't beat McCain in 2008.

As any sports team will testify, when the players take the field, you play to win. You don't start the game hoping for a tie and yet this is exactly what the GOP has done. Hoping to win Congress and stall Obama's initiatives, they put their B team on the field to play for a tie.

There is no doubt that the bench for the Republican Party is stronger than their current slate of potential candidates and many of those on the bench also believed that Obama was unbeatable, or they might have run. The GOP is playing this election cycle to lose the Presidency but gain control of Congress. They know that their bench is stronger than their current field of candidates and they don't want to risk one of the current crop winning the Presidency and blocking a run by one of the better potential candidates in 2016.

The race is down to 3 actual candidates: Romney Gingrich and Santorum. Mr. Lead-With-My-Chin Santorum is argumentative, petulant and smug. Most Republican voters simply can't stand to listen to him in the debates. He has gotten better in defining his positions and makes some good points but the filibustering in his responses leaves most voters cold and the petulance is unbearable to watch. You can easily imagine him as the kid on the playground always threatening to "tell teacher" for real or imagined slights. He's a non-starter. Romney has Read more

Spread the Wealth the Washington Way

The funneling of taxpayer money by politicians to their friends and campaign contributors has experienced a breathtaking increase in recent years due to an annual federal outlay that has exploded to over $3 trillion dollars. The opportunity to exploit political connections for increased profit by the wealthy has reached levels not seen before. Although the rhetoric of the current Administration is that of a Robin Hood styled "spread the wealth", the reality is that this is far from the truth. The overwhelming majority of the stimulus package which was touted as providing jobs to the middle class went instead to wealthy campaign contributors under the guise of "public good".

One good example is Warren Buffet, the supposed "Oracle of Omaha", who has long exploited political connections to enhance Berkshire Hathaways financial returns. Although Mr. Buffet has publically called for higher taxes on the rich, he has actually been using current tax loopholes to shelter his own income from these same taxes. And where did these profits come from? In large part from the taxpayers.

Upon close examination of the monies doled out as a result of TARP, it's clear that Mr. Buffet needed the TARP funds more than most. Berkshire held stock in Wells Fargo, Bank of America, American Express,Goldman Sachs, which received TARP money as well as $130 billion of in FDIC backing for their debt. Berkshire also held a substantial position in General Electric. Without this bailout, it is possible that Berkshire would have been in financial straits. AS Rolfe Winkler of Reuters said, " Were it not for government bailouts, for which Buttet lobbied hard many of his company's stock holdings would have been wiped out."1

Berkshire Hathaway had 30% of of their stock portfolio invested in these companies. Without the government bailout, Berkshire would have realized substantial losses. As it turns out, however, Berkshire made over $500 million on Read more

The Federal Reserve Becomes Political

Last Friday the Federal Reserve sent a 26 page paper to Capitol Hill, without invitation, offering a "framework" for "thinking about certain issues and tradeoffs" in the housing market.

Although the paper is vague on how this "framework" would be implemented, the NY Fed President William Dudley left no doubt as to the lobbying effort this paper represents for more political power in the housing market. He specifically called for bridge loans for jobless borrowers, more government-assisted re-financings, a new program for principal reductions for underwater borrowers, and floated the possibility of getting Fannie and Freddie into the rental housing business. Apparently the Fed believes that they need to share in the spoils of the Obama Administration's breathtaking federal power grab through regulatory government agencies.

The Federal Reserve was established to be an independent agency in charge of monetary policy and bank regulation -in other words, an agency with a clearly defined and limited government role. Extending that mandate to include the regulation of customers of a bank is an over-reach of epic proportions, but we have come to expect no less from this President.

This document provides all the political cover necessary for politicians willing to spend taxpayer money to support housing prices in an election year . This is what passes for neutral and independent in the Obama Government.

According to The Wall Street Journal there have been 16 government sponsored programs in the last 5 years. None of which have succeeded in improving either the economy or the housing market. But we are to believe that a Federal Reserve policy will?

This Administration's belief that Read more

The GOP Gets It Wrong.....Again

The Republican leadership managed to field a slate of candidates that is flawed and weak in an election year that matters more than at any other time in our history. It's hard to imagine that Republican leadership could engineer a worse disaster than 2008 with candidate McCain but they have done just that.

Mitt looks slightly confused and ineffectual when confronted with hard questions during the debates. Rick is argumentative, smug, and petulant. Newt is able to concisely state conservative views (whether he believes them or not) but is very likely to implode because there is no filter on what his brain thinks and what his mouth says. Not one of our candidates is prepared to defeat Obama but they are all we have. Thanks GOP for failing the very voters who are trying to support a conservative agenda.

Although Romney is the "chosen son", the voters know how poorly he will fare against Obama. See this great simulation of a debate between Romney and Obama Read more

The Demise of Education in America

President Obama has issued yet another ludicrous speech asking for more power to supposedly "consolidate" government agencies. This proclamation from a President who has grown the size of the Federal Government, in terms of employees, by 13.5% in 3 years, increased spending to 24% of GDP and is now asking for a raise in the debt ceiling equal to the entire US economy and initiated Obamacare and Dodd-Frank which are leading to a proliferation of government agencies and regulation that not even the experts can count. That doesn't even include the out of control regulations initiated by the EPA and Justice Dept.

You would think that even the most uneducated or mentally challenged could see how disingenuous this proclamation is from this President. But that is not the case. There are enough "guppies" out there that swallow his rhetoric whole. The blame for the lack of enough critical thinking skills has led to the rise of liberalism for which I can only blame our education system.

Our children are not taught that if A =B, then A and B must be the same. Instead they are being taught that A might equal B depending on the social outcome. Who determines the social outcome, why the government, of course. In a world where individual freedom and choice is determined by a few, there can be no absolutes; no A=B; no good decisions versus bad decisions; no self-determination; no good or evil . There must only be possibilities of outcomes. In a universe where there is no logical thought process, some outside element must be present to "mediate" all these possible outcomes a+b does not necessarily equal c. Hence, we need politicians and huge bureaucracies to determine what the right decision is and determine the outcome depending on what social justice is being served.

Where has our education system been? Why have students not been taught that the sun will always rise in the East and set in West. It's an absolute. Instead Read more

Politicians for Sale

The best investment a corporation can make is to buy a Congressman or Congresswoman. The return on this investment is several thousand percent. Investments in people, equipment, plants or products won't provide the return than that of buying a politician. And these politicians come cheap.

According to data available on, an investment of as little as $14,800 in campaign contributions can net $10,380,000 in earmarked government money as the corporate investors in Frank M. Kratovil Jr. (D-Md) discovered. Not only are politicians for sale, they're apparently for sale cheaply.

When purchasing a politician, as in any product purchase, it's good to know which represent the best value for the money. For that purpose, we've listed below those politicians who deliver the greatest return for the least investment.The best investment a corporation can make is to buy a Congressman or Congresswoman. The return on this investment is several thousand percent. Investments in people, equipment, plants or products won't provide the return than that of buying a politician. And these politicians come cheap.

According to data available on, an investment of as little as $14,800 in campaign contributions can net $10,380,000 in earmarked government money as the corporate investors in Frank M. Kratovil Jr. (D-Md) discovered. Not only are politicians for sale, they're apparently a cheap investment.

When purchasing a politician, as in any product purchase, it's good to know which represent the best value for the money. For that purpose, we've listed below some of the politicians who deliver the greatest return for the least investment.

Politicians who Represent the Best Return on Investment

Representative State Earmark Projects sent to Campaign Contributors

Campaign Contributions by those who Received Earmark Projects
James Clyburn (D) SC $15,525, Read more