The GOP Gets It Wrong.....Again

The Republican leadership managed to field a slate of candidates that is flawed and weak in an election year that matters more than at any other time in our history.  It's hard to imagine that Republican leadership could engineer a worse disaster than 2008 with candidate McCain but they have done just that.

Mitt looks slightly confused and ineffectual when confronted with hard questions during the debates. Rick is argumentative, smug, and petulant.  Newt is able to concisely state conservative views (whether he believes them or not) but is very likely to implode because there is no filter on what his brain thinks and what his mouth says.   Not one of our candidates is prepared to defeat Obama but they are all we have.  Thanks GOP for failing the very voters who are trying to support a conservative agenda.

Although Romney is the "chosen son", the voters know how poorly he will fare against Obama.  See this great simulation of a debate between Romney and Obama 

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