The Latest Scores: Thuggery 10, Susan B. Komen Foundation 0


For those naive enough to believe that "women's health" was the real issue behind the sudden reversal of the decision to defund Planned Parenthood by the Susan B. Komen Foundation, a review may be order.


On any level the decision to defund Planned Parenthood was poorly thought out by the organization.  It should have been anticipated that an organization that went against the Democrat agenda would be viciously attacked by the Left.  We have seen this over and over again whether it is the recall of Gov. Scott Walker, Occupy Wall Street demonstrations, the Catholic Church being told they must fund abortions, union representatives showing up outside the private homes of AIG executives, the Boeing plant in S.C., card check, the carbon tax attempt, or EPA overreach.   No discourse, no prisoners, their way or the highway, by any means necessary.


The fact remains, however, that Democrats in Congress and their community organizers in Planned Parenthood, quickly rallied to stop the defunding of an organization that carries water for the Left's agenda.  Of course, they have the right to demonstrate and speak their mind under freedom of speech in this country but freedom of speech does not mean that politicians, their allies, or the press have the right to intimidate private organizations.  The difference between freedom of speech and intimidation has been blurred by the media, the judicial system, and politicians in this country of late.


But then, who would have thought that, in America, we would be having campaign election platforms based on Marxist principles of "redistribution of wealth" three years ago.  Who would have believed that our government would attempt to tell a private company where they could or could not build a manufacturing plant. Who would have thought three years ago that the government would interfere with religious principles and tell the Catholic Church what conditions must apply for them to be able to help the poor.  It should not surprise anyone that private charities are now being told where their monies must go.


We shouldn't miss the message in all of this.  Only the government can provide (and by extension politicians) guidance and assistance.  It would seem that there is an overt attempt to stop all activities not sponsored or approved by the government.   


Over the past three years we have seen freedom of speech morph into something that more closely resembles the thug tactics of Soviet Russia or Venezuela.  We haven't gotten around to killing citizens in the streets yet, but we are seeing overt intimidation tactics that we have never witnessed in this country.

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