The Demise of Education in America

President Obama has issued yet another ludicrous speech asking for more power to supposedly "consolidate" government agencies.  This proclamation from a President who has grown the size of the Federal Government, in terms of employees, by 13.5% in 3 years, increased spending to 24% of GDP and is now asking for a raise in the debt ceiling equal to the entire US economy and initiated Obamacare and Dodd-Frank which are leading to a proliferation of government agencies and regulation that not even the experts can count.  That doesn't even include the out of control regulations initiated by the EPA and Justice Dept.

You would think that even the most uneducated or mentally challenged could see how disingenuous this proclamation is from this President.  But that is not the case.  There are enough "guppies" out there that swallow his rhetoric whole.   The blame for the lack of enough critical thinking skills has led to the rise of liberalism for which I can only blame our education system.

Our children are not taught that if A =B, then A and B must be the same.  Instead they are being taught that A might equal B depending on the social outcome.   Who determines the social outcome, why the government, of course.  In a world where individual freedom and choice is determined by a few, there can be no absolutes; no A=B; no good decisions versus bad decisions; no self-determination; no good or evil .  There must only be possibilities of outcomes.  In a universe where there is no logical thought process, some outside element must be present to "mediate" all these possible outcomes a+b does not necessarily equal c.  Hence, we need politicians and huge bureaucracies to determine what the right decision is and determine the outcome depending on what social justice is being served.

Where has our education system been?  Why have students not been taught that the sun will always rise in the East and set in West.   It's an absolute.  Instead students are taught that the sun may rise in the East and set in the West but only if government can regulate and control how it does so.    Government must regulate and determine that some social good is accomplished by the sun rising in East and setting in the West.  Without government intervention and regulation, the presence of the sun is only a possibility and may not benefit everyone equally.

 Our children are taught that having goals, getting an education, working hard and getting ahead may make you evil.  Along the way you may hurt someone's feelings or get promoted ahead of them, thus making you a bad person someone to be despised because you put your own well- being ahead of someone else.  Everyone should be the same.   

Teachers reinforce this by passing students who can't read, or do basic math.  Laziness and sloth are rewarded.  Why work to pass if you know you'll be moved on to the next grade anyway.  Social justice is only served if student  A who works hard has the same outcome as the student who occasionally shows up to class and never turns in homework.  The lazy student must have some social barrier that is preventing them from completing the tasks and should, therefore, not be punished or made to feel inadequate.

The definition of social justice is equality of opportunity AND equality of outcome.  This is the scariest concept that has ever been flouted in America.  This definition means that if person A gets an MBA and is willing to work 80 hours a week , their outcome (earnings) MUST be the same as another person who gets an MBA and is only willing to work 20 hours a week.  At the end of the day each of these people must earn the same amount of money.   The Justice Dept carries this a bit further, determining that if you're Black you should actually make a bit more than the white person to make up for any social injustices to your ancestors. 

President Obama and his elite political allies know that power comes from control and they have taken crony capitalism to a breath-taking art form.  Liberals who are not among these elite and who have everything to lose and nothing to gain, can only be excused if we consider that they have not be taught to think critically.  For that we should blame our education system.

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